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Lastest update: 30.06.2009

iPhone GUI Photoshop Elements Resource

Designing an iPhone application/game that's going to make you rich...

Here's a help file, the GUI for iPhone Applications in Photoshop format.
Individual iPhone elements in an easy to use format for designers and developers.

40 Essential iPhone Applications For Web Designers

These 40 applications cover the whole gamut of a web designer’s needs

Web designers can be struck with inspiration at any time, but if you’re away from your computer there isn’t much you can do.
Well, with an iPhone or an iPod Touch that has all changed. Now you can make notes, pick color schemes, ping servers
and even FTP a file to your device, edit it and then upload it back. Why bother being tied down to a desk anymore when
you can work just as easily from a beach if inspiration hits you?

How To: Outlook / Outlook Express Email Setup

These 40 applications cover the whole gamut of a web designer’s needs

How do I configure Outlook and Outlook Express for my E-Mail Accounts?
The following article explains how to download mail from your hosting account using Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook or Outlook Express

Free Font Website for TTF's (True Type Fonts)

Available for Download in *.zip and basic.

Great for when you need a font for swfIR

Free File compression and expansion software for MAC

Stuffit Expander

The ultimate in compression and archive management. Compress files by up to 98% of their original size.
StuffIt's advanced MP3, PDF and Image compression enhancements that saves more space than ever before.

Apple MAC OSX Basics - Shortcut tip.

'Command'+ ','

Simple, yet very useful. Within all apple software, this command will launch the applications Preference Panel
Great for quick use in: Mail, iTunes and Safari

Apple MAC OSX Basics - Re-capturing Function Keys.

Within System Preferences, Select 'Keyboard & Mouse'

Need to use the functions keys in Adobe applications such as Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator etc?

System Preferences can be found by clicking the apple icon, top left of your screen.

Check 'Use all F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys' in the system panel will restore control of these keys!

The Brown Corporation

Great Layout and very amusing site concept!